OSHA states equipment operators must be qualified. When OSHA doesnt state this specifically in a law it uses "General Duty Clause" and then ANSI standards; as a reason to fine you. A Lawyers' first question in a deposition is: Have you had any formal equipment training?

Both Owners who operate & Rental equipment operators MUST be trained. Three phases of training should be occurring to prevent accidents and law suits.

1. Familiarization training - Performed by the rental company or owner at the time of equipment pick up or delivery.

2. Safety Training - Performed by a qualified organization or individual that issues signed, dated proof of training that can be kept on file


3. Per OSHA: The companys' qualified evaluator will determine if an individual is qualified for a specific job. Through over site and evaluation a company determines whether a person is capable of safe operation.

4. Rental Equipment Academy offers training to both renters and owners of equipment.

We issue 2 year certificates and wallet cards to all students upon completion.

Certificates & cards are issued by our parent company "National Hoisting Authority LLC"